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Our Patriot Ancestors



Adams, John New Jersey
Adams, Jonas New Jersey
Applegate, Jacob New Jersey
Armstrong, Alexander Virginia
Arnsdorff, John George
Backus, Asa Connecticut
Bailey, Christopher Georgia
Baker, John Connecticut
Baldwin, Ziba Connecticut
Barrett, Elijah New Jersey
Barrett, Enoch New Jersey
Beard, Frederick Maryland
Bennett, Samuel New Jersey
Bisbee, Noah Massachusetts
Bishop, Ichabod New Jersey
Boardman, Elijah North Carolina
Bonsall, Jonathan Pennsylvania
Bowen, Josiah New Jersey
Boyce, William New Jersey
Bristol, Gideon Connecticut
Brookhart, Abraham Pennsylvania
Brown, Joseph New Jersey
Chamberlin, Thomas New Jersey
Chambers, Alexander Virginia / North Carolina
Channel, Abraham Fitz-John
Clark, Joseph Camp Connecticut
Collins, Richard New Jersey
Compton, Ichabod New Jersey
Congrove, William Virginia
Conver, Peter Massachusetts
Corson, Jacob New Jersey
Covenhoven, David New Jersey
Covenhoven, Micajah New Jersey
Cripps, Whitten New Jersey
Cubberly, James Stell Virginia
Cullen, John Delaware
Daniels, John New Jersey
Deeds, Thomas Sr. Pennsylvania
Diener, John Peter Pennsylvania
Doty, Abner New Jersey
Endicott, Benjamin New Jersey
Endicott, Jacob New Jersey
Estill, Jospeph New Jersey
Fairbanks, Elijah Massachusetts
Flerl, John Georgia
Fuller, Lot Massachusetts
Garton, David Massachusetts
Gifford, Benjamin New Jersey
Goss, John North Carolina
Goss, William North Carolina
Guernsey, John Sr. New York
Guernsey, Noah Connecticut
Gugle, John Christopher Georgia
Hamilton, Andrew Sr. Virginia
Hammer, Baltis (Balthass) Pennsylvania
Hand, Levi New Jersey
Hangleiter, John Sr.
Hankins, Albert New Jersey
Heister, John Pennsylvania
Higbee, Richard New Jersey
Hill, Samuel New Jersey
Hiller, Jacob South Carolina
Hoffman, John Virginia
Homan, Andrew New Jersey
Isard, Japhet New Jersey
Irelan, Japhet New Jersey
Jackson, William Pennsylvania
Kelm, John Pennsylvania
Keith, Alexander Virginia
Kramer, Christopher Georgia
Lake, Daniel New Jersey
Leeds, Jeremiah Andrew New Jersey
Leake, John New Jersey
Loree, Daniel New Jersey
Loree, Seth New Jersey
Lyon, Gideon New Jersey
Matthews, John New Jersey
Matthews, Jonathan Virginia
Monroe, Josiah Sr. Connecticut
Morse, Jonas New Jersey
Nease, John George Jr. Georgia
Newkirk, Cornelius New Jersey
Newkirk, Joast New Jersey
Nutter, Christopher Virginia
Nutter, Thomas Virginia
Parsons, Thomas James Virginia
Peery, Thomas New Jersey
Peterson, George New Jersey
Polk, Charles Virginia
Polk, Delilah Tyler Virginia
Quimby, Moses New Hampshire
Rennick, William Virginia
Richardson, Jeremiah New Jersey
Richardson, John Maryland
Rickard, Abner
Risley, Jeremiah New Jersey
Risley, Samuel New Jersey
Robinson, James Virginia
Rockhill, Solomon New Jersey
Rogers, Abraham New Jersey
Rosenberger, John Pennsylvania
Rowland, Jonathan Pennsylvania
Ruggles, Ephraim Massachusetts
Schoener, William Pennsylvania
Schoonover, Benjamin Pennsylvania
Scull, Abel New Jersey
Scull, Joseph New Jersey
Seixas, Gersham Mendes Pennsylvania
Seixas, Isaac Mendes Pennsylvania
Seckinger, Jonathan Georgia
Shearouse (Scheraus), John Jr. Georgia
Shaffer, Anthony Pennsylvania
Sheets, John Pennsylvania
Shuptrine, Joseph Georgia
Smith, John New Jersey
Smith, Jonathan New Jersey
Smith, Micajah New Jersey
Smith, William New Jersey
Snuff, Jacob Pennsylvania
Steeleman, John Sr. New Jersey
Steelman, Frederick Jr. New Jersey
Steelman, Frederick Sr. New Jersey
Steelman, Zephaniah New Jersey
Stetson, Samuel Connecticut
Strimple,Wiliam New Jersey
Summers, Isaac New Jersey
Summers, James New Jersey
Summers, John New Jersey
Summers, Thomas New Jersey
Swain, Silas New Jersey
Thompson, Benajah New Jersey
Tilton, Daniel New Jersey
Vail, Asa New York
VanHoesen, Jacob F. New York
VanSant, John New Jersey
Wagner, Jacob Pennsylvania
Waldhauer, Jacob Casper Georgia
Waldhauer, John C. Georgia
Welch, Thomas North Carolina
White, Ezekial North Carolina
Wigal, Phillip Pennsylvania
Williams, Lemuel Massachusetts
Williams, Veach Connecticut
Whitaker, Jeremiah New Jersey
Wolfe, John Jacob Pennsylvania
Zeigler, John George Georgia

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